I’m All About the Glory (Please Nominate Me!)

July 29, 2016

By: Sara Kropf

Last year, I won the coveted (among geeky law bloggers) ABA Blawg 100 award. I’ll be honest: I put in a lot of time on this blog and that little award meant a lot. I even got a great little badge to put on the blog.

Yes, I should get out more.

I’m hoping to make it two years in a row. If you like this blog, would you consider nominating it again? You just need to click here and then enter the URL of Grand Jury Target (www.grandjurytarget.com).

If you are at the nomination site with extra time on your hands, here are a few other law blogs that I particularly like and are absolutely worthy of the award.

Suits by Suits – a great blog about lawsuits involving corporate executives

Sidebars – an extremely substantive blog written by a former prosecutor, with a bit of a pro-government bent (a nice counterpoint to my blog’s pro-defense bent)

White Collar Crime Prof Blog – written by several folks, it keeps current with developments but also lets the authors express their opinions

Thanks for reading everyone!


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