Please Take 2 Minutes to Nominate Grand Jury Target for ABA Journal’s Top 100 Legal Blogs

August 14, 2015

Hello everyone

I’m writing from Yosemite National Park–on a much-needed vacation with my family. But I realized upon checking back into social media after a week-long break that the deadline for the ABA Journal’s best 100 legal blogs is coming up very soon.

Someone coined the word “blawg,” but I just can’t quite bring myself to use it. It’s a legal blog, people.

Nominations must be made by August 16 (that’s this coming Sunday).

You can use this link to nominate any blog you wish, though I would be very appreciative if you would consider nominating this one. I work hard every week (well, nearly every week) to write substantive and hopefully interesting posts about cutting edge white collar issues.

I’ll keep writing even if I don’t win any awards, but, hey, I’d rather be on the list than not on the list. If I’m on it, I get to use a cool badge on my blog. Pretty geeky bragging rights, I realize.

Thank for considering my request. And even if you don’t nominate me, go nominate some other great blog that you love to read.

I’m heading to the Nats-Giants game in San Francisco tomorrow night so look for us on TV. We’ll be on the right field line near the Nats dugout–a prime spot for Bryce Harper to toss my sons a ball or two. That’s no doubt more exciting than any hike in Yosemite.



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