Professional Responsibility and Ethics

We represent licensed professionals and corporate officials who encounter professional ethics issues. The bulk of our Ethics practice involves defending attorneys who must confront complaints made to the Virginia and D.C. Bar Associations. We also represent other individuals facing scrutiny from their professional regulatory bodies, internal corporate policies and/or professional codes of conduct.

A critical part of our practice is helping you identify your ethics concerns as soon as they arise. We can make an informed decision together about what to do or not do in the face of potential ethics allegations.

Representative Professional Clients:

  • Attorneys
  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • C-Suite officials
  • Corporate employees
  • Government officials

Ethics issues are particularly high stakes because your continued employment and livelihood is at stake. We are available to discuss your ethics concerns and help you navigate potential issues before they become game changers.

We will assist you when you have received notice that someone has made an ethics complaint against you. Many investigations have quick timelines and require immediate responses. With that, many people are hopeful that a timely but uncounseled response will make the issue disappear, or even hope that by ignoring the problem, it will go away. In our experience, it is critical that you get well-informed, unbiased advice before deciding to proceed on your own.

Even if your decision is that you do not want to proceed with counsel, at least you will have gotten the benefit of speaking with an experienced attorney before making a decision that could affect your future and your career.

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