civil litigation

Our civil litigation practice is focused on defending clients who have been sued or who are concerned that they may be sued in the future. Our experience in this area includes all manner of torts and breach of contract cases, including those that allege fraud and civil conspiracy. We have taken and defended numerous fact witness and expert witness depositions, argued motions and handled trial from beginning to end. In addition, the firm regularly works with trial consultants to refine out clients' trial strategy.

Although the discovery part of civil litigation is often viewed as tedious by our clients (often rightfully so), it is a crucial part of achieving your ultimate goals. Our extensive civil experience allows us to use the discovery process to your advantage.

We will always think about our trial strategy, even if your ultimate goal is settlement. There is no question that your settlement position will be strengthened when you are well situated for trial. 

Some examples of the types of civil cases that we have handled are below:

  • General contractor - lead counsel in trial over claims for defamation and breach of contract in Virginia state court; client prevailed on claims
  • Former retail CEO - lead counsel for successful federal trial defense in breach of contract case involving real estate transaction in Pennsylvania federal court
  • Coal mining company and executive - successful federal trial defense against claims under the Alien Tort Statute and Torture Victim Protection Act in Alabama federal court
  • Financial services regulator - successful defense of indemnification and advancement claims by former chairman of stock exchange in bench trial in Delaware state court
  • Fortune 500 insurance company - defense of tortious interference of contract and civil conspiracy claims in Virginia state court
  • Representation of several clients in disputes involving non-compete clauses and other employment agreement issues
  • Property insurance broker - successful defense of insurance broker resulting in complete summary judgment in favor of client on civil fraud and conspiracy claims in New Jersey state court and New York federal court
  • Electric generation company - defense of claims in citizen suit under Clean Air Act in Oregon federal court
  • Fortune-500 professional services company - successful defense of claims under Alien Tort Statute and civil RICO in Texas federal court